Matsui additives allow the printer to custom tailor the inks according to specific printing requirements that may arise from various possible printability and/or workability issues how to songs from youtube for free. These issues may be caused by the climate in which production is occurring, or by the material the ink is being printed on. Additives can be used with 301 Eco Series Inks, Special Effect Inks, and Discharge Inks thunderbird zertifikat herunterladen There is also an exclusive line of Additives to be used with Dyestone ink.

Retarder MG/ Printgen MG (MSDS)
Softener MG / Softener XA-1 (MSDS)
Fixer WF-F (MSDS)
Fixer WF-N (MSDS)
Emacol R-600-E (MSDS)
Catalyst 3000 / RV Additive (MSDS)
Carrier B / Thinkener B (MSDS)
Discharge Agent (MSDS)

Which Additives are for which bases vlc player für mac kostenlos herunterladen?
The Dyestone Additives can only be used with Dyestone bases and inks.  The non-Dyestone Additives can be used with 301 Eco Series, Special Effect, and Discharge Inks anyconnect herunterladen.

Should I use Fixer WF-N or Fixer WF-F?
Inks with Fixer WF-F can be cured at a temperature of 285∘F for 3 minutes.  However, Fixer WF-F has not been certified as an Eco-Friendly product.  Also, any ink that has Fixer WF-F in it has a pot life of about eight hours.  Inks with Fixer WF-N must be cured at 320∘for 3 minutes, but it does not require special handling download iphone app youtube videos.

How can I achieve a soft hand feel on the final print?
A smooth print with just enough thickness to be opaque should yield a soft hand feel.  If a softer feel is desired, either the printing method or the ink formula can be modified.  You can decrease your off-contact and speed up your squeegee movement to reduce the amount of ink being deposited.  Also, the ink formula can be modified by adding up to 3% Softener MG.

How do I improve the printability of the ink?
To improve the flow of ink through the screen mesh, add the additive Softener MGSoftener MG also helps keep the ink from drying in the screen.

How do I keep the ink from drying in the screen?
To keep the ink from drying in the screen it helps to add the additive, Retarder MG, which also functions to promote the flow of ink through the screen mesh.

What is the difference between Softener MG and Retarder MG?
Functionally they are very similar but their names reveal their primary purpose.  Physically, Softener MG is a white, oily paste that dries clear.  Retarder MG is a clear, oily, liquid.

How can I eliminate ink from dripping through the screen mesh?
You can prevent ink from dripping through the screen mesh by using a higher mesh screen and/or by reducing the height of the flood bar.  Another option is to increase the viscosity by using the additive, Thickener B.