Stretch Foaming

Stretch Foaming

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Stretch Foaming Binder is foaming binder, which is suitable for stretchy fabric. It is soft in texture, and has superior stretch and washing fastness. Moreover, this is an eco-friendly product, which doesn’t contain endocrine disrupter, formaldehyde, heavy metal, or organic tin windows apps.

Appearance : Milky-white paste

Viscosity : 100,000 ± 5,000mPa・s

Dry Residue : 30.0 ± 0.5 %

pH : 8.0±0.5

Density : 1.00±0.05g/cm³

AR Binder GS (120mesh/inch, 2strokes×2times)

→ Flash

→ Stretch Foaming Print(100mesh/inch, 2strokes×3times)

→ Flash

→ Curing(130℃×3min.)

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