Special Effect

Special Effect


Matsui’s Special Effect line of PVC free inks includes unique bases and embellishments, such as, Foaming Base HT, and Foil Adhesive TFG 301, among others herunterladen. Click the Products links for further information on our Special Effect products.

Burnout Agent (MSDS
Crack Base (MSDS)
Crack Base HO (MSDS)
Flock Binder 301 (MSDS)
Foaming Base HT (MSDS)
Foil Adhesive TFG 301 (MSDS)
Glitter Base (MSDS)
Metallic Binder 301 (MSDS)
Neonlight (MSDS)
Pearl Binder 301 (MSDS)
Shine Binder (MSDS)
Top Print 301-FB (MSDS)
Under Base Blocker 301 Black (MSDS)
Under Base Blocker 301 Gray (MSDS)

What is the difference between Special Effect products and Specialty products happy herunterladen?
Special Effect products are static inks, meaning once cured they retain their appearance. Whereas Specialty products change colors or disappear elsterformular mac herunterladen.

Which Pigments do I use with Special Effect inks?
Use the 301 Neo Series Pigments with Special Effect Inks.

Can I use Additives with Special Effect inks amazon prime music?
Yes, you can.

Are Special Effect inks PVC free?
All Special Effect inks are PVC free but Shine Binder does contain small amounts of Organotin,which is considered a lightly toxic substance life is strange episodes.

How do I cure Special Effect inks?
We recommend you cure Special Effect inks the same way you cure our other inks, at 320∘F for 3 minutes.

Can different Special Effect binders be combined?
Yes, different binders can be combined for the utmost personalization. The exceptions being Foil Adhesive and Shine Binder.