Shinobi Lab powered by Corab

Shinobi Lab powered by Corab


  • Custom programming is available should your needs exceed existing industry offerings.
  • Retro-fitting services are available for dispensing systems that are “past their prime” or not supported by the original equipment manufacturer.
  • Capability of interfacing with customers MRP and ERP production software systems.
  • Electronic database of customers color requirements, thus reducing the need for a key  employee with the required experience to get custom colors made efficiently.
  • The software automatically tracks flow rates and makes adjustments for dispensing accuracy. *on Gravimetric circuits*

  • Manufacturing
    • Automated reporting on:
      -Batch efficiencies
      -VOC & HAPS
      -Stock Control
      -Production usage
  • Color
    • Reduced color correction for back to back multiple batches.
    • Reduced Press Q.C. time.
  • Man Power
    • Faster batch preparation and manufacturing.
    • Safer manufacturing process-less employee exposure to raw materials.
  • Maintenance
    • Simple maintenance, only the scale  requires regular calibration checks