Infinity Color Series

Infinity Color Series


We are excited to announce the release of our new INFINITY RFU COLOR SERIES into the market herunterladen. We believe that the release of this new product would be of a great interest to you and your customers looking for a simple color matching system only requiring you to have a PMS color guide with formulas and a basic scale herunterladen. This new ink system is a Water Base Hybrid Acrylic which is excellent for wet on wet printing and can be used to print on both light and dark color garments music maker download kostenlos vollversion. Darks with a white under base or direct by print flash print application. This system will also work with most fabrics, but will require the compatible bases recommended for the selected fabric type herunterladen. With polyester we recommend you use Under base Blocker 301 or 301B to avoid dye migration.

The new Infinity RFU Color Series will include 14 Colors and Trans White download autocad for free chip. In the 14 colors you will find 2 black color options in which one is darker than the other to achieve deeper colors quicker with minimal adjustments. All 14 colors are also Ready for Use and can be used straight from the bucket or mixed into each other to make other colors. The best use of this system is following the formulas in your PMS matching guide book.

  • Easy to mix and print
  • Add up to 3% Fixer WF-N to improve wash fastness
  • Excellent for 100% cotton, blends, and Polyester (with Under Base Blocker)
  • Excellent printability with no viscosity modifications
  • Extremely soft hand feel that PVC inks cannot achieve
  • Is “PVC Free” and environmentally safe Can be printed wet-on-wet application