New Generation of Textile Nano Colorant

“Dyestone® X Color” is neither pigment nor dyestuff, but a patented new generation of textile colorants that fully utilize our original micro-encapsulating technology (ex: Chromicolor, Finecolor, Aroma Granule and Highzitt) software downloaden via itunes.

Matsui International’s insoluble colors are finely ground at the Nano-level and coated (micro-encapsulated) with a water-soluble polymer on the surface level and can be applied onto almost any kind of textile substrate (cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon, etc.) by both printing & pad-dyeing process herunterladen.

This new technology displays excellent color vibrancy similar to dyestuff and very soft hand. Furthermore, the sharpness and fine detail lines are superior to dyestuff printing although its process is as simple as any conventional pigment printing method adobe flash player downloaden ipad.

The entire range of Dyestone® Color products are considered GREEN, and the textiles treated with the Dyestone® Coloring System have been certified according to “Oekotex Standard 100” how can I minecraft worlds. Dyestone® is patented under Japanese and United States Patent Law.
(Patent Number: JP 4579966)
(Patent Number: US 2010/0273929 A1)

Dyestone® consumes approximately 45% less water and approximately 45% less CO2 emissions during it’s process download binkw32.dll for free. In addition, it has proven to be efficient in other areas of utility cost.

In addition to Japan, many factories in Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and China have already begun to use Dyestone® in bulk.

This groundbreaking new Dyestone® technology will enhance any product line.

DyeStone X Colors
Dyestone (MSDS)
Dyestone/MX Pigments (MSDS)
Dyestone Fixer XA-C (MSDS)
Dyestone Abrasion XF (MSDS)
Dyestone X (MSDS)

What is Dyestone?
Dyestone is an ink that can be screen printed like regular screen printing ink, but when
cured feels like a dye.

Is Dyestone PVC free?

Can Dyestone be dry cleaned or ironed?

Does Dyestone require the use of additives?
Additives are not required but are available. Dyestone has its own line of exclusive