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DigiAce is a uniquely designed patented water-based digital printing ink for all types of textiles; it is neither a pigment nor a dye herunterladen.  DigiAce is not only an Eco-friendly product — Oekotex standard 100 Class 1 certified — but can run the color gamut, capable of virtually any color possibly imaginable poly bridge for free. Matsui International utilizes their original micro-encapsulation technology, with the color at the nano-level compressed inside a water soluble polymer capsule download mobile data.  With the finite detail this ink provides and its compatibility with all textile substrates, printing directly to fabric by inkjet or dye sublimation printers can produce an enhanced quality and color sharpness that is unparalleled without compromising other properties herunterladen.

Traditional CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) are available as well as the spot colors: Orange, Green, Royal Blue, Scarlett, Light Black, and Special Black facebook voice messages.  Post-treatments improve the durability and softness, even further for the finished product, while pre-treatments are only necessary if you will be printing onto a colored garment, a pretreatment ink renders a seamless “soft hand” with superior  hiding power.  This pretreatment will ensure improved brightness, vividness and wash fastness for all CYMK and spot colors on all types of fabric.

The simplicity of this aqueous ink jet colorant — and the system as a whole — is that it does not require any steaming or soaping as many other dyes do, rather it only requires dry or heat processing.  The quality of this product is magnified by the patented DigiAce water soluable polymer that evaporates upon curing revealing the micro pigment beads, displaying the truest color, aesthetically pleasing and delivering a “soft hand”.  Conventional pigments and fabric are covered with a binder, muting the pigments vibrancy as well as creating stiffer fabric handling.

Digiace is available in four different viscosity levels to support each print head.