DigiAce LA series / MA series / HA series

DigiAce LA series / MA series / HA series

Features and BenefitsFeatures and Benefits

Dyestone Digiace LA series / MA series / HA series ( Digital Inkjet Inks)

Dyestone Digiace is our uniquely designed patented water-based digital pigment ink
utilizing our original encapsulation technology, and it is applicable to all type of fabrics.
Dyestone Digiace LA series, MA series, HA series are inkjet inks dedicated to the print-ability.
Each series consists of CMYK + White with particular viscosity which is suitable for various types of print heads.

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White

Inks for Textiles

-High durability(washfastness, rubbing fastness)
-Large color gamut
-High imagequality