Binder 2D

Binder 2D

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Print ProcessPrint Process

Binder 2D – Water Repellent Binder

Trial Binder 2-D is a printing paste having “Water Repellent’ function Download media converter for free german.

Printing this product can achieve an excellent soft hand print with water repellent effect.

Trial Binder 2-D is not only free of Fluorine, but also free of all other banned substances such as Formaldehyde, Organo Tin Compounds, endocrine disrupting substances and others icloud backup herunterladen auf iphone.


Washable Test – 60℃ x 30 min x 5 times



Print (120mesh/inch, 2 strokes × 2 times)

→Curing at 150℃×2~3min lg fernseher herunterladen.

*The data above is based on our companyʼs standard. Performance test at your company is recommended.

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