Binder 2D

Binder 2D

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Binder 2D – Water Repellent Binder

Trial Binder 2-D is a printing paste having “Water Repellent’ function.

Printing this product can achieve an excellent soft hand print with water repellent effect.

Trial Binder 2-D is not only free of Fluorine, but also free of all other banned substances such as Formaldehyde, Organo Tin Compounds, endocrine disrupting substances and others.


Washable Test – 60℃ x 30 min x 5 times



Print (120mesh/inch, 2 strokes × 2 times)

→Curing at 150℃×2~3min.

*The data above is based on our companyʼs standard. Performance test at your company is recommended.