Nice to meet you
01 Mar 2016

Nice to meet you

01 Mar 2016

My name is Jesse Martinez and I manage distributor sales for Matsui International.  Myself, along with others in our company will be participating in blogging what we hope you find valuable information xbox spiel downloaden.

At this time, I would like to take the time to introduce to you what I consider the leaders in Water Base ink manufacturing, Matsui International Company.  With over 90 years of experience making waterborne solutions for the garment decorating industry, Matsui is making a come back in the screen printing industry and the fastest growing ink manufacturer that can provide Eco-Friendly solutions in a time of a PVC and Phthalate-Free world driven by the major brands netflix film herunterladen.

Please do not mistake water base solutions for the traditional inks you might have worked with 15-20 years ago.  The water base ink formulations have changed for the better because these new solutions are of a waterborne acrylic herunterladen. They are easier to work with and do not dry in the screens as fast as the traditional solutions.  The reason for our success has a lot to do with the demands in most of the world where they would only work with water base.  Most recently, the demand from major brands to find solutions on synthetic fabrics has pushed us to exceed our inks expectations and now becoming the ink of choice because of our ability to cure at temperatures as low as 225 degrees F with the appropriate additives mw3 free content required to download.

I invite you to follow us here for more information, solutions, and success stories.  Our team and I look forward to providing you with the best information on how to be successful with the New and Improved water base solutions e mail downloaden hotmail.

Jesse Martinez

Distributor Technical Sales Support

Matsui International Company, Inc.



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  1. Nanak Donsaint Yu March 14th, 2016 10:32PM

    My name is Nanak Donsaint Yu from Cebu City Philippines. We start using Matsui inks sometime in 2014. The ink quality exceeds our expectations and it has put us on top of the competition in terms of quality prints. If there is anyone needs technical details about the inks, we are happy to share. Email me @