17 Apr 2015

Defining Eco-Friendly

17 Apr 2015

Matsui International is driven in the innovation of water based acrylic and discharge inks.  This innovation is founded on pursuing eco-friendly technologies.  From this sustainability stance, the history of screen printing ink has had a dubious history; to pair with that, the ambiguity of what is eco-friendly.  To illustrate this further, when you hear “sustainability” or “eco-friendly” the tangible details of what defines these words in screen printing can leave you with surprisingly little to say herunterladen.

When each new product is unveiled Matsui International goes through the effort of testing products through Oeko-Tex, a leading organization in the research and testing of textile ecology.  This company has set testing grades and value limits for an extensive list of harmful substances.  Oeko-Tex testing criteria fit into three categories: illegal substances, legally regulated substances, and harmful substances that are not yet regulated free movies android.  Their exhaustive test criteria exceed that of most legislative governing bodies, making Oeko-Tex one of the leaders and authorities in textile testing download fedex invoice.

Many companies that manufacture ink will throw on an eco-friendly label or give not-so-subtle mental queues by packaging a container with green colors and environmental motifs.  These, in all essence, have no definitive parameters and can be seen as dubious at best; in short, they are psychological ploys to mislead consumers.

Some of the substances that are listed on the Oeko-Tex Standard testing list and are critical to the sustainability are formaldehyde, heavy metals, phenols, and phthalates amongst many others. A comprehensive list of the limit values of substances is available on their site.  Transparency is always important for any business, but especially when the environment or human harm is on the line.  All of Matsui products certifications are available, under each products section under the ‘certification’ tab.

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  1. Gentur Yoga P May 21st, 2017 6:28PM

    Where should i throw away left over of matsui ink?

    • Atsuna Matsui July 31st, 2017 10:30AM

      If it is dried solid you can throw it away in the trash. In liquid form it depends if it has formaldehyde and what amount. You should check with your local regulations and laws. Your local government should have some guidelines for disposing liquid waste.