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MATSUI-COLOR – Best Water Based Screen Printing Ink

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Matsui-Color provides one of the softest ink pigments for dyeing garments and other applications such as wallpaper, and printing. Manufactured by Matsui Shikiso Chemical Co minecraft für pc downloaden vollversion. Ltd. in Japan, we have a showroom for all our ink products in Los Angeles, California. With more than one century of experience in the industry, Matsui Color inks’ quality is better than traditional plastisol inks and meets the standards of modern day high-speed screen printing herunterladen. It is very easy to use our Matsui ink for dyeing high volumes of textiles.

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What is Chromicolor?

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What is Chromicolor?

Chromicolor is a revolutionary line of temperature-sensitive inks and plastics which are capable for use on a variety of surfaces herunterladen. These outstanding products come in a range of 11 beautiful shades. A colorless option is also available. These products are capable of being used for whichever range of warm or cold temperatures you desire gmx ch herunterladen. From temperatures of near freezing up to 105℉, there are so many ways to make a big impression with color-changing products.

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Water Based Workshop San Diego

On August 7th, 2015 we held a Water Based Workshop, hosted by Viva Merchandise in San Diego in partnership with Dynamic Screen Supply and Murakami Screen gute spiele kostenlos downloaden.

There was a great turnout, from all over Southern California.  Matsui’s Technical Services Sales Representative Jesse Martinez spoke on the specifics with printing on detailed Tri-blend fabrics, polyester printing, and the nuances of discharge printing slack alle dateien herunterladen.  Matsui special effects products were also covered.  We look forward to uploading the content from the seminar online to Youtube shortly for everyone flow free kostenlos herunterladen.  Below are some of the photos from the Workshop.

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5 Things to Remember when Starting a Screen Printing Business

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1) Don’t do it all

It is recommended when starting a screen printing business to focus on specialty niches. The screen printing business has been growing and is more competitive than ever Download farming simulator for android for free. Certain examples of niche markets include, high school sports, mothers, or activity club attire.

2) Having sufficient access to space for equipment

Screen printing equipment can take up a lot of space, also, operating the various machines and equipment requires certain safety and protocol to ensure safety and hazard standards are met ab wann kann man cod mwen. All ink types require to be disposed and ventilated accordingly to regulations,

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Curing Water Base Ink: Solutions for High Quality Prints

Curing is sometimes an overlooked aspect of screen printing and the printing process, but it is the most vital part to ensuring the longevity of your print designs te comp herunterladen.

This article will focus mainly on water base ink curing – or should I say drying – as Matsui International is an exclusive water base ink producer, and water base ink simple evaporates sygic karten herunterladen. Since we are on the topic though, plastisol “cures,” because plastisol ink is in essence plastic in a liquefied state due to a plasticizing agent train simulator demo download kostenlos. Instead of evaporating, plastisol inks vary, but approximately only 1% of the ink is burned off through curing and the remaining ink rests on top of the fabric herunterladen. Drying water base ink is simple enough, but I want to go thoroughly deep into all the details and specifics of how to get the perfect cure with anything, anywhere libreoffice free full version german.

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Defining Eco-Friendly

Matsui International is driven in the innovation of water based acrylic and discharge inks.  This innovation is founded on pursuing eco-friendly technologies.  From this sustainability stance, the history of screen printing ink has had a dubious history; to pair with that, the ambiguity of what is eco-friendly.  To illustrate this further, when you hear “sustainability” or “eco-friendly” the tangible details of what defines these words in screen printing can leave you with surprisingly little to say herunterladen.

When each new product is unveiled Matsui International goes through the effort of testing products through Oeko-Tex, a leading organization in the research and testing of textile ecology.  This company has set testing grades and value limits for an extensive list of harmful substances.  Oeko-Tex testing criteria fit into three categories: illegal substances, legally regulated substances, and harmful substances that are not yet regulated free movies android.  Their exhaustive test criteria exceed that of most legislative governing bodies, making Oeko-Tex one of the leaders and authorities in textile testing download fedex invoice.

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The Visually Impaired Can Autonomously Know Clothing’s Color

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I commend Rip Curl for coming up with this brilliant idea for the vision impaired to be able to see the color of their clothes. With Braille Clothing tags, the vision impaired can read what the color labeled on their clothing tag is and provide them with the liberty and autonomy to coordinate their own outfits without the help of others how to hairstyles at sims 4.

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