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SHINOBI LAB- Matsui Pigment Dispenser

Matsui International Company, Inc. Presents:


•Custom programming is available should your needs exceed existing industry offerings wii games on sd map.
•Retro-fitting services are available for dispensing systems that are “past their prime” or
not supported by the original equipment manufacturer alben herunterladen gratis.
•Capability of interfacing with customers MRP and ERP production software systems.
•Electronic database of customers color requirements, thus reducing the need for a key
employee with the required experience to get custom colors made efficiently roccat treiber herunterladen.
•The software automatically tracks flow rates and makes adjustments for dispensing
accuracy. *on Gravimetric circuits*



•Automated reporting on:
-Batch efficiencies
-Stock Control
-Production usage prime gekaufte filmeen.


•Reduced color correction for back to
back multiple batches.
•Reduced Press Q.C. time.

Man Power

•Faster batch preparation and
manufacturing herunterladen.
•Safer manufacturing process-less
employee exposure to raw materials.


•Simple maintenance, only the scale
requires regular calibration checks grundbuchauszug herunterladen.


ISS Long Beach 2019 – Thank You

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would like to

for stopping by at our booth at the 2019 ISS Long Beach Trade Show download tip 10. We hope the show was successful for you! 


Please stay plugged into all the great things Matsui International is doing by following us on our social media links below or contacting fifa 17 aktuelle kader herunterladen.
We wish you the very best and continued success in 2019!  We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Matsui International

ISS Long Beach 2018

This past weekend was the annual Imprinted Sportswear Show at the Long Beach Convention Center.  This year’s beautiful weather was a welcome alternative to last year’s drenching rain.  We met tons of upbeat people.  All kinds of people as well, from familiar long time business partners to people exploring water based, and people just starting to screen print.  Overall, it was a great time with great people poweriso gratis downloaden.

New this year was our Direct to Garment ink, Digiace, and our made Pantone color matching, screen printing ink, Infinity.  To demonstrate these inks, we setup four machines in our booth; an M&R Sportsman EX automatic screen printer, an M&R Kruzer manual screen printer, an M&R Fusion Electric Screen Printing Conveyor Dryer, and a Mutoh ValueJet 1938 TX digital inkjet textile printer.  We had a lot going on; to help us we had our Digiace distributors, EXT Fabrics, lend us a hand with the Mutoh ValueJet.  Also, the M&R technicians were very courteous, checking in with us regularly Download youtube video to iphone.

We used the M&R printers to demonstrate our new Infinity ink.  Infinity ink is non-discharge, Eco-Friendly, water based ink.  It features a low tack, thin, opaque finish and very friendly printability.  Each time we finished a print session, we simply pushed the ink back and cleaned the image area.  Sometimes the ink stayed in the screen for two hours before the next half hour print session, with no issues.  The print on the manual M&R printer was four spot colors, wet on wet.  The print on the automatic M&R printer had two flashed base whites, four colors wet on wet including a highlight white, followed by another flash and a black screen for added detail.  The finished result was a scowling samurai that went to a smiling ISS visitor.  We were happy to exhaust all the T-Shirts we had itunes pc.

Over at the Mutoh printer, printing our Digiace ink, the EXT Fabrics guys were printing entire rolls of fabric.  Sometimes they printed patterns and sometimes photographs, all in 8 color process for even more vibrancy and detail than traditional 4 color process.  We had a visitor who specializes in sublimation take a keen interest in a process that would eliminate the use sublimation paper herunterladen.

ISS 2018 went by quickly, probably because everything went according to plan.  We got great feedback throughout the show and we have big plans for 2018.  We have new and improved products rolling out every month, including a new low tack, high-opacity white, and a thinner, stronger under base blocker.  We will also be offering more technical support for printers unaccustomed to water based ink or screen printing in general.  2018 will also be a big year for Digiace ink, as garment decorators increasingly adopt Direct to Garment printing.  We have a lot to follow up on and a lot we are working on that we are eager to share.  We’re going to be posting updates on our Facebook and Instagram(MatsuiColor) pages.  Feel free to drop us a message on either page or here on our website contact page,  Thanks for reading download font quicksand!

SGIA New Orleans


At this year’s SGIA show in New Orleans, we were very excited to demo our Digiace line of Direct to Garment inks, which we have recently begun to offer for sale.  Digiace is easily printed through any inkjet textile printer such as the Mutoh ValueJet 1938TX, which we used to demonstrate prints at the show( and only requires a pretreatment on the fabric which can be printed on or sprayed on.  More information and samples are available here 360 total security.

We printed on 100% cotton, poly/cotton blend, and 100% polyester.  We heard great feedback from visitors, people were impressed by the brilliance of the color as well as the ink’s performance, in that the color doesn’t bleed through to the other side of the fabric herunterladen.

Overall we had a great time and we learned that the demand for DTG printing is on the rise.

From a Graphic Design to Screen Print Design: How to Effectively Translate Over Digital Art into a Printed Design

Quite frequently, the screen printing industry receives prints from graphic designers that are great designs for web logos, but face issues when it comes to printing herunterladen. Today, I’d like to talk about some of the designs that are difficult to print and why in some instances, it is necessary for re-submission of new artwork bilder mit linken.

One of the most common errors that we see are submissions of images with DPI that are lower than the required level netflix op notebook. Typically, 72 dpi is adequate for the web, but unusable when it comes to screen printing. The way that screen printing works is that a stencil is placed into a mesh screen, then the ink is pushed through the screen with a tool called a squeegee download diamantenfee 3 for free. The designs are printed onto a film and no gradient is allowed in the stencil. However, if in any case the image resolution is too low, the screen ends up coming out poorly the smurfs download the game for free. For best results, a 300 DPI is recommended for screen printing.

Another suggestion is to only use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) as a color reference because it ensures colors that are absolutely universal youtube videos in full hd herunterladen. Many with web design background tend to use RGB colors when submitting their request for screen printing. Although that may be a satisfactory guideline, these colors aren’t universal because every monitor varies in color display and likewise with color schemes within different formats Download whats app status. Using RGB colors may lead to the risk of having colors printed that aren’t the shade you were looking for so using the PMS is the best fool-proof way in getting the colors right outlook online email download.

Image files recommended for web design and screen printing are also different so be aware of what programs you are using to create your images for screen printing mods. The web is based on raster images, which are dependent upon individual pixels. Screen printing, on the other hand, is based on shapes that can be enlarged indefinitely without jeopardizing the quality star wars 9 kostenlos downloaden. Vector is optimal for creating screens and maintaining the quality of your images so please check the programs that you are using to create your images. Programs like Adobe Photoshop use raster graphics (pixels) while Adobe Illustrator uses vector graphics (shapes based on math).

Unlike in web design, the amount of variety of color in screen printing equates to its cost so be mindful of how many colors you want to use and how much you are willing to spend. In web design, the amount of colors used is irrelevant to the cost because it’s merely an image on a display. However, in screen printing, every color requires its own screen so even if you screen printed a very small design with a multitude of colors, it’ll be more costly because every screen is another expenditure, as well as, stocking the pigments or other Ready-For-Use ink bases.
There are several ways to price web designing such as hourly wage, one-time payment for overall project, and commission. However, for screen printing, it’s much more simplified and it’s based on volume printed per time and complexity of the print. For instance, 100 tees printed with one color on the front will be much cheaper than having 25 tees printed with three colors front and back because as previously mentioned, each color requires its own screen. Thus, the effort required to set up and take down each screen for the different colors is much more time consuming than a one color job.