SGIA Las Vegas

As you may know SGIA is coming up on, September 14-16th in Las Vegas.  We are proud to announce that we will be exhibiting.  We are having a great deal on Matsui Promotional Kits, which consist of our main core products word 2007 kostenlos herunterladen.  This is ideal to potential dealers, the quantities are larger than our Starter Kits which are ideal for printers.  We will also be introducing several of our newly developed products:  Eco-friendly low cure additive, Fixer-L; Silicon like Acrylic Base, Acrylicon; Reflective powder for ink bases, Reflectalite; and an improved Under Base Blocker for the most difficults athletic wear, Under Base Blocker LG counter strike spiel downloaden kostenlos.  We have several new ink bases to make your prints higher quality, more efficient and easier.

Please join us for this event,  great technical staff will at our booth to answer any of your questions linux distributionen herunterladen.  We will be at booth #2920.

SGIA 2016

Printing Water Base Acrylic on Polyester

lycraPrinting water based acrylic ink on polyester is ideal.  There’s less chance of dye migration and can yield a light ink deposit on thin garments program to from movies. When talking about polyester, the first thing that stands out for this type of garment is the low stitch density of the polyester, which will make it very porous Download cod for free full version german. The thickness of polyester is very thin; In addition, the garment is often completely saturated with dye and the difficulties can be even further exasperated if the polyester is holding a percentage of lycra/ rayon in it ds roms german for free. Lycra is a synthetic fiber that does not hold any dye. Instead, the dye will simply rest around the individual fibers add to an over-saturation of dye on the garment, making dye migration more likely to occur download mkv player.

Printing with an under-base blocker is crucial for quality prints, however, to maximize the effectiveness of an under-base blocker and the additional white under-base, it is important to have minimal pressure where the fabric and the screen meet herunterladen. To achieve this, you can change your squeegee or squeegee angle, increase tension on the screen, change the off-contact, and etc. The key is to work with what you have to achieve that minimal penetration into the fabric so the final print will have a soft-hand feel and be opaque with no dye migration mietvertrag für möbliertes wohnraum kostenlos downloaden. In addition, the flood bar height is a little bit higher with water base printing as we are not simply moving the ink back up to the base of the screen for another pass snipping tool windows 10 kostenlos herunterladen. We are glazing over the screen a thin layer of ink to cover the screens, insulating moisture to prevent clogging (as can be seen in the video above) clipart kostenlos herunterladen.



In the squeegee angle chart, we see the type of deposit we can expect with each type of angle adobe reader download windows 7 german free. At Matsui, for the most of our ink we recommend usually 65°,  The viscosity level is a little lower usually for water base inks, so if you are currently using plastisol, you will most likely need to adjust slightly for optimal printing ältere amd treiber downloaden.

Nice to meet you


My name is Jesse Martinez and I manage distributor sales for Matsui International.  Myself, along with others in our company will be participating in blogging what we hope you find valuable information xbox spiel downloaden.

At this time, I would like to take the time to introduce to you what I consider the leaders in Water Base ink manufacturing, Matsui International Company.  With over 90 years of experience making waterborne solutions for the garment decorating industry, Matsui is making a come back in the screen printing industry and the fastest growing ink manufacturer that can provide Eco-Friendly solutions in a time of a PVC and Phthalate-Free world driven by the major brands netflix film herunterladen.

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Preparing for FESPA Digital 2016

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Coming up on March 8-11 will be FESPA Digital.  Matsui Color is gearing up again to promote our recently unveiled digital ink, Digiace.  A patented unique micro-encapsulated technology that is sure to gather a lot of attention download romances for free.  Late last year at ITMA 2015 in Milan, was the first formal showing of our Digiace that received large amounts of interest worldwide.  We look forward to continuing this momentum into 2016 herunterladen.  Please visit our booth at P185.

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ISS Long Beach 2016

Matsui Color has exhibited at ISS Long Beach annually for several years now. This year’s exhibition turned out to be a huge success for us and we thank you all for taking the time to visit our booth and being interested in our company copytrans manager herunterladen. We had seminars held by Jesse Martinez, one of our technical sales representatives, to educate on the use of eco-friendly water-based ink. We also had live printing sessions for our 301 Eco series inks and received many positive feedback on the design and soft-hand feel of the print herunterladen. Most importantly, we appreciated the level of engagement that we received from our customers at our booth and foresee to continue activities like the seminar, printing session, and etc jazz musik kostenlos downloaden. to increase engagement with our customers and distributors to better our future products.

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MATSUI-COLOR – Best Water Based Screen Printing Ink

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Matsui-Color provides one of the softest ink pigments for dyeing garments and other applications such as wallpaper, and printing. Manufactured by Matsui Shikiso Chemical Co minecraft für pc downloaden vollversion. Ltd. in Japan, we have a showroom for all our ink products in Los Angeles, California. With more than one century of experience in the industry, Matsui Color inks’ quality is better than traditional plastisol inks and meets the standards of modern day high-speed screen printing herunterladen. It is very easy to use our Matsui ink for dyeing high volumes of textiles.

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What is Chromicolor?

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What is Chromicolor?

Chromicolor is a revolutionary line of temperature-sensitive inks and plastics which are capable for use on a variety of surfaces herunterladen. These outstanding products come in a range of 11 beautiful shades. A colorless option is also available. These products are capable of being used for whichever range of warm or cold temperatures you desire gmx ch herunterladen. From temperatures of near freezing up to 105℉, there are so many ways to make a big impression with color-changing products.

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