05 May 2015

5 Things to Remember when Starting a Screen Printing Business

05 May 2015

1) Don’t do it all

It is recommended when starting a screen printing business to focus on specialty niches. The screen printing business has been growing and is more competitive than ever Download farming simulator for android for free. Certain examples of niche markets include, high school sports, mothers, or activity club attire.

2) Having sufficient access to space for equipment

Screen printing equipment can take up a lot of space, also, operating the various machines and equipment requires certain safety and protocol to ensure safety and hazard standards are met ab wann kann man cod mwen. All ink types require to be disposed and ventilated accordingly to regulations,

3) Be aware of the learning curve

The knowledge base required to screen print successfully cannot be learned from scratch overnight, there are many facets to the craft that will inevitably lead to numerous misprints as one learns download amazon for free. Running a profitable screen printing business does not hinge upon being an expert in all that is screen printing, but it will sure help as the various types of print jobs come your way. It will lead to less scrapped product.

4) Be connected to your community

Getting the word out about your business, infiltrating your local market area, and establishing connections with local groups is vital to creating the foundation of your business that will be the base for future growth. Investing in your future prosperity by offering free services to high-profile local business is a worthy venture and will more often than not justify its cost.

5) Increasing company/brand awareness

Many companies and brands will make sure to produce many graphic t-shirts that have their brand/company name, logo, motto etc. in order to establish awareness. This does not only include the front and back of garments, but tags – and even labels, packaging etc. The latter may be extravagant expenses depending upon your operation, but increasing your company profile with the very products you sell is vital.

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  1. Emily Smith May 18th, 2015 10:33AM

    This is just the information I was looking for about screen printing. I have been thinking about starting a screen printing company for a while now. The tip about being connected with the community seems like a good idea. I will have to keep that in mind!
    Emily Smith | http://www.edgescreen.com/

  2. Kent Reston September 11th, 2015 12:43PM

    Yes, good points indeed. I’d especially be aware for anyone starting out of #3 and #4.

    There is a learning curve, especially if you want to “specialize” in a certain area as point #1 states. Become the leader of that particular skill in your area and you’ll be off to a good start. Then, after you have that down, then you’ll need to get out there and start marketing your business.

    I’m not sure about offering free services though – even to high value clients. High value clients will still pay for good products and good service. Perhaps a discount and also see if you can get them to give you a good referral or reference.

  3. Marson September 16th, 2015 5:39PM

    All are great points especially number one. Be a master of one thing before expanding.