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Preparing for FESPA Digital 2016

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Coming up on March 8-11 will be FESPA Digital.  Matsui Color is gearing up again to promote our recently unveiled digital ink, Digiace.  A patented unique micro-encapsulated technology that is sure to gather a lot of attention download romances for free.  Late last year at ITMA 2015 in Milan, was the first formal showing of our Digiace that received large amounts of interest worldwide.  We look forward to continuing this momentum into 2016 herunterladen.  Please visit our booth at P185.

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ISS Long Beach 2016

Matsui Color has exhibited at ISS Long Beach annually for several years now. This year’s exhibition turned out to be a huge success for us and we thank you all for taking the time to visit our booth and being interested in our company copytrans manager herunterladen. We had seminars held by Jesse Martinez, one of our technical sales representatives, to educate on the use of eco-friendly water-based ink. We also had live printing sessions for our 301 Eco series inks and received many positive feedback on the design and soft-hand feel of the print herunterladen. Most importantly, we appreciated the level of engagement that we received from our customers at our booth and foresee to continue activities like the seminar, printing session, and etc jazz musik kostenlos downloaden. to increase engagement with our customers and distributors to better our future products.

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