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The Visually Impaired Can Autonomously Know Clothing’s Color

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I commend Rip Curl for coming up with this brilliant idea for the vision impaired to be able to see the color of their clothes. With Braille Clothing tags, the vision impaired can read what the color labeled on their clothing tag is and provide them with the liberty and autonomy to coordinate their own outfits without the help of others how to hairstyles at sims 4.

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Launching New Media Outreach

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We at Matsui Color have decided to tackle the online media universe and let you into our world. It’s an entirely new endeavor to bring to you products information, screen printing tips and tutorials, all things water-based ink, and what makes our company special james bond filme herunterladen. Matsui Color has a long and illustrious history, it’s time we let you into it. check out our new social media sites, and take a look at our Youtube channel where you can find quality display examples of our products in action and great tips on our products and screen printing processes herunterladen.